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“Life in ¬†Buy lamisil no prescription good for instant health”, tells of world and its people, a testimony of the young generation of the State of the Gods, Greece.”I love Indonesia,”ujarDanai Karnava.

Buy lamisil no prescription good for instant health efforts to introduce Greek initiated by Danai Karnava inidibingkai in an exhibition of photographs and lasted for four days in the halls of Parliament First Greece, Voulevtiko, city of Nafplio (10-13 November 2013 ).

In addition to the works fotografiDanai Karnava, a program alumnus Darmasiswa2012 – 2013, the exhibition also menampilkankarya – work other alumni between lainPanagiota Loukaki, Vassilis Loukakis and Tassa Paraskevi (2010-2011 ), Alexandros Tsagaridis (2008-2009 ), and Eleni Grafakou (2006 – 2007).

Their photographic works mostly merekamkehidupan Indonesian society from the perspective of a foreigner, natural beauty, and historic architectural masterpiece, sepertimemanen rice, temple ceremony, cremation, sunset at Kuta beach, Mount Bromo, Borobudur, and others.

“The photo exhibition is expected to provide an overview of the Indonesian public Nafplio, given the overall picture created by the children of Greece itself,”ujarDuta of Indonesia to Greece, Benny Bahanadewa the exhibition opening reception, Sunday ( 11/10/2013 ).